Small-Box Pinhole Photography

Cardboard box with lid measuring 4"x4"x4"

Black electrical tape shutter exposing .406mm diameter pinhole

Interior surface coated with flat black paint to absorb light and reduce reflection

--Allen C. Benson

The photographs in this gallery were made using the pinhole camera pictured on the left. Photographic paper was used as film,. The images you see here are scanned paper negatives.

This four-inch camera obscura holds paper sizes that range from four inches square to four inches high by ten inches wide. Paper measuring 4x4 inches laid flat against the back of the box. Paper that was 4x10 inches had to be curved to fit into the box. These photographs created a more distorted view. Examples of 'curved image plane' shots include Melwood Avenue and McMillan Hall. Wet room is an example of a 4x4 inch 'flat image plane' shot.


Copyright © 2006 by Allen C. Benson