Phipps Photo Gallery

This series explores the Phipps Conservatory in Schenley Park near the University of Pittsburgh. The glass Victorian structure was built in 1893 by Henry Phipps. Using the available light, I took photographs using a Zero2000 pinhole camera along with several oatmeal box pinhole cameras loaded with Foma Fomaspeed resin coated black and white paper. 

The inflatable lionfish, created by artist Alison Zapata, was as tall as a one-story building, temporarily anchored to the ground right in front of the botanical glasshouse. Watching over the lionfish was "Green Monster," another large inflatable by Brian Holderman. The Christopher Columbus Memorial Fountain stands on the eastern side of Junction Hollow near the Schenley Bridge.

Images of the Phipps Water Garden show the statue of Neptune from two different points of view using two different cameras. Next to the water garden stands Phipps Hall of Botany, also shown from two different viewpoints using both the Zero2000 and oatmeal box cameras.  The bronze panther sculpted by Giuseppe Moretti is located at the Panther Hollow Bridge.   --Allen C. Benson

Red Berries. 2006, scanned color pinhole negative. Phipps Conservatory Series. � 2006 by Allen C. Benson


Copyright � 2006 by Allen C. Benson