Soldiers & Sailors National Military Museum & Memorial

The Soldiers & Sailors Museum is a Greco-Roman style hall occupying the crest of a hill where 5th Avenue and Bigelow Boulevard meet in Oakland (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania). Two sculptures completed by Frederick C. Hibbard in 1922 stand on either side of the entrance. One is a Civil War soldier at rest with his rifle and the other is a Civil War sailor on the lookout with his naval telescope. 

I visited this landmark at 9:00 a.m. on a clear, sunny day in December. In the morning the sunlight hits the front of the hall creating interesting shadows behind the the statues and lamp posts. During December, the morning sun is almost level with the building's facade, casting an even light on all of the museum's stone and metal details.

The photographs in this gallery were made using pinhole cameras. For some I used the Zero 2000 pinhole camera and for others I used handmade cylindrical and box-like pinhole cameras. The curved film planes in the handmade cameras created interesting distortions and ultra-wide angles of view. The photographs are presented here as scanned paper negatives, contact print positives, and scanned black and white 6x9cm negatives.

--Allen C. Benson



Copyright © 2006 by Allen C. Benson