Wheel Rake, Cyanotype Rex Print, Contact print from original paper negative, Copyright 2007 by Allen C. Benson

In the series Structures, I explore the visual form of stationary built objects and their patterns and shapes viewed from a variety of angles. I select uncomplicated structures with clearly delineated lines and shapes. I vary their aesthetic interest by altering the shape and position of paper negatives inside handmade cameras.  When viewed through the camera's eye, elements that are symmetrical 'out there' become asymmetrical and distorted inside the camera. Straight lines bend and the normal illusions of a photograph's depth and distance become illusive and surreal.

In 2020, I selected ten photographs from this series for submission to LensCulture Black & White Photography Awards.

   --Allen C. Benson 2020

Wheel Rakes
Schenley Park Gazebo
Jason's Paddlewheel