Colonial Williamsburg

These photographs were taken in Colonial Williamsburg during the spring of 2007. Out of hundreds of pictures, 25 were chosen that suggest what it is like to walk through Colonial Williamsburg as the early morning light and shadows begin moving across Duke of Gloucester Street. The series introduces architecture, livestock, gardens, and the historic interpreters who live and work in Colonial Williamsburg. Images are grouped by format: fifteen black and white images printed on silver gelatin, fiber-based paper and ten color photographs printed on fine art paper using archival, pigmented inks.

The series was photographed using a handheld Mamiya 7ii rangefinder camera with a normal lens (80mm) and fine-grained film. Indoor shots, including the Harpsichord Builder, required slower than usual shutter speeds, making a clear shot especially difficult with a handheld camera.

--Allen C. Benson




Copyright © 2007 by Allen C. Benson